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Workspace Tech Rental for Travelers

Get more tech for your workspace while you travel! If you are traveling to Jacksonville, FL, and working on a single monitor of your little laptop doesn’t cut it, rent dedicated workspace tech for yourself!

Get a monitor (or two) to plug into your laptop! Need a mouse and keyboard? We got you!


Delivery & Pick Up

Dedicated Workspace will deliver and pick up your rented workspace tech.



Dedicated Workspace will help set up and test your tech free of charge.



Dedicate Workspace will help in any way if you have trouble with your workspace tech.

Our Services

Dedicated Workspace is dedicated to your workspace. We believe you should have everything you need while traveling for work, traveling while working, or vacationing.

Need workspace tech? You will be reaching me directly which means you will get dedicated, customer service.


OWNER/OPERATOR of Dedicated Workspace